Stay Away From Court Orders You Do Not Want!

Stay away from court orders you do not want! There are many different types of court orders out there that can cause you to be away from home and/or property for one reason or another. It is your responsibility to understand what type of order you are going into, and to know whether you can abide by it or not. It is also important to know when you can legally leave the house, so that you do not risk getting arrested while trying to go somewhere or doing something else that might get you into trouble.

Stays are one of the most common types of stays. A temporary court order that prevents a non-custodial party or other parties from filing a petition or motion in court before it is processed by a different court. The stay usually prohibits the other court from granting a temporary judgment, an execution, or even denying the petition or motion. A defense can show that the stay was lifted too soon, which will keep back the proceedings for a period of time, like a few days or weeks.

Grants are another type of stay, which is quite similar to a stay. They also prevent the other party from getting an execution or judgment. A defense can show that the stay was lifted too soon, and that they would have received a temporary judgment if the stay had not been lifted. Depending on the nature of the case, a stay can really seal your chances of winning; a simple grant might keep you from having to go to court to testify if the prosecution shows up at trial.